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Common Log Home Chinking and Energy Sealing Questions

Chinking on a log home or log cabin is not just for visual appeal, but we realize it’s not for everyone. Regardless of if you prefer chinking or a simple energy seal on your home, the basic facts are simple. Chinking or energy sealing your log home reduces your energy costs by sealing up the gaps that allow air into your home. Where air can get in, water and insects can also get in. Checking, which are the cracks you see in the middle of the logs most often found on the most weathered sides, should also be sealed using check mate. If you have a historic log home from the 1700’s or 1800’s with mortar chinking, an elastomeric chinking material can be used to repair breaks and gaps between the logs and mortar, provided a backer rod is used.

1. My log home does not have chinking installed? Is it possible to add chinking because I like the way it looks.

The general rule of thumb is that the minimum requirement for chinking a chink-less log home is that the chinking you have newly installed must be wider than one inch. Equally important is that any time chinking is installed a backer rod must be used to act as a bond breaker and provide two point adhesion. This allows for proper expansion and contraction of the material and helps to greatly reduce failure. Installations less than one inch should be done using Energy Seal. If you decide not to install chinking, we can install energy sealing instead to improve the energy efficiency of your log home.

2. My log home has chinking that is discolored. What can be done to make all the color the same again?

Sometimes chinking will clean up nicely during a maintenance washing service call. However, if you ever want to change the color of your chinking, this can easily be done by having us go over it with a special chinking paint. This is an affordable way to give your home an updated look without changing the color of your stain.

3. My chinking is flaking and cracking? What causes this and can it be fixed.

Sometimes older chinking will begin to pull apart from the logs. Depending on the tear and individual line of chinking, it may just need to be repaired, or, that one line may need to be reinstalled in whole or in part. Additional chinking product can be used in the separated area provided the gaps are not too large.

4. I don’t want chinking on my home anymore. Can I have it removed and what would be installed in its place?

Removing chinking from a log home would be difficult and costly, and would affect the finish. It is possible, but is easiest to accomplish on a chink-less log home. Energy seal would be what needs to be installed in place of the chinking. On the other hand, if you are tired of seeing either your chinking or your energy sealing, both accept stain and while it will not hide it entirely, either product can be stained over.

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