Log Home Cleaning Pittsboro, NC

Years of weather, dirt and pollen need to be removed from this log home in Pittsboro, NC. There was also residual stain in less exposed areas.

The majority of the house was easily cleaned using Woodrich Brand EFC-38 detergent. More difficult areas were treated with HD-80 to remove the more intact stain followed by an application of Citralic to insure proper neutralization. This is how the log home looks like when clean.

Once completely dry, this log home will be ready to be lightly buffed and move on to then next processes. Seeing the logs in their most natural state makes it easy for the homeowner to choose the final finish they want.

Log Home Restoration – Pittsboro, NC

This little log needed a facelift and we were happy to not only lovingly restore the logs, but also gave the foundation a new look!

A very old stain was removed and a new application of PermaChink Ultra 7 stain was applied. New decks are forthcoming!

Log Home Restoration – Belews Creek NC

This was an amazing log home restoration. After several years of neglect, the remnants of a prior finish had to be removed. Application of a quality oil-based stain to the logs, back porch and deck brought new life to this home. The homeowner had a wonderful red roof installed which lead us to accenting the rustic shutters with a matching red finish.
Below are a few “before” photos: