Our Professional Affiliations

We believe that participation with professional associations only boosts our ability to provide top level services. We are proud to work with members of these associations:

PWNC - Professional pressure washing companies   PWNC

The PWNC (Power Washers Network of the Carolinas) is a network of professional contractors and service providers who have come together to raise the bar in our industry.
The PWNC was founded in 2007 by Carolina ProWash co-owner, Celeste Gothorp.

Window Cleaning Resource Association   WCRA

The WCRA exists for the growth and benefit of the professional window cleaner and ultimately, their customers.

Carolina ProWash joined the WCRA in 2011.

Greensboro Builders Association   GBA

The Greensboro Builders Association (affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders) is a trade association representing the building industry professionals.

Carolina ProWash joined the GBA in 2009.


The PWNA (Power Washers of North America) has represented the power washing industry for 20 years with the objective of providing its members leadership and direction in Education, Networking Opportunities, Conventions & a Clear Voice for our Industry.

Carolina ProWash joined the PWNA in 2005.


The UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners) is a nationwide association of pressure washing contractors who have come together in our industry to improve standards and provide a higher level of education for customers.

Carolina ProWash joined the UAMCC in 2007.

Master Window Cleaners of America   MWCoA

The Master Window Cleaners of America is a national window cleaning association composed of and run by professional window cleaning contractors with the primary goal of elevating the public status of experienced professional window cleaners.

Carolina ProWash joined the MWCoA in 2010.